Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Grade Dropout

I've been reading First Grade Dropout by Audrey Vernick to Pre-K through 2nd grade. It is an adorable book about a first grader who does something embarrassing causing his entire class, even his best friend, to laugh at him. He's so embarrassed that he decides to dropout of school. 

It's a fun book to read aloud. It lends itself to fun voices (loud, whispering, embarrassment, etc) and hand jesters. I've had as much reading it aloud as the students have had listening to it!

After reading I asked two questions. 

1) Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you?
2) What kind of job could you get if you dropped out of first grade?

A Pre-K student said "You could be a firefighter!"

Me: But you have to be able to read to be a firefighter and if you drop out of first grade you won't be able to read good enough to be a firefighter. 

Pre-K: I didn't know that! Firefighter have to read?!

These kiddos crack me up!!!

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  1. I LOVE your second question! And thanks so much for posting this!