Thursday, October 8, 2015

Graphic Novels: Mr. Ball An Egg-cellent Adventure

I missed the first Graphic Novels blog. The first Thursday of October snuck up on me! But I'm in the October groove now! This week I read Mr. Ball An Egg-cellent Adventure (Mr. Ball #2) by Michael Townsend.

Mr. Ball An Egg-cellent Adventure! is a super silly, entertaining early reader. It's perfect for those students who need to read longer books before jumping into a text heavy chapter book. 

It's a series. I love series! If you can hook a student on one book in a series then they'll want to read them all!

Mr. Ball goes to a circus that seems pretty lame. But then! They bring out the big, wild, scary animals. Mr. Ball is impressed! He wants to start his own big, wild and scary circus. Unfortunately his personality isn't right for that kind of circus. His shenanigans end up putting him in a giant fire-breathing tweety blob's nest with no way down. Luckily he has some fast thinking friends who save him from hitting the ground and becoming a deflated ball. After that Mr. Ball thinks it safer to dress up his pet, Ms. Kitty Cow as a lion and tame her. 

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