Sunday, August 16, 2015


I love summer because my nails stay long (there are other reasons I love summer!).

During the school year I wash my hands about every 30-45 minutes. Which now I realize, makes me sound a little crazy. But I'm not... I don't think. 

Library books are so dirty. So many little gross students touch them and leave them lying around who knows where. And they feel yucky (the books not the students).  

I typically have a class every 45 minutes so after touching so many nasty books I HAVE to wash my hands. 

All the washing makes my nails brittle. Add to that shelving books, peeling stickers off supplies and just general wear and tear my nails just break off
(The cold doesn't help either. Even in Texas where our winter really aren't that bad it's still cold enough to make them brittle).

So during the summer I enjoy my long nails!

It took 3 weeks of school before I broke my first nail. I don't know what I did but I went to pick up the book I was going to read and my thumb nail was broke. I can't have my nails uneven so had to cut them all. Hello short nails. 

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