Monday, August 10, 2015

Back To The Library

I started back to work yesterday. I really enjoy these three day before the teachers come back. My days are mostly uninterrupted. I get a lot done.  But I do like when the teachers come back. I like pulling books for teachers and showing them new materials we have in the library. 

Today I processed some books I got from my Junior Library Guild subscription. After I processed them I decided to burn my box (if you haven't heard of No Box Thinking you need to check out the Twitter chat #nbtchat on Sunday's at 8:00 central time) and make a video. 

I read wrote blurbs about each of the books then videoed myself talking about each book. I'm super excited about the video. I know these videos are nothing new but it's the first time I've done one. 

Now my problem is I can't edit it. The Mac was taken from the library so I can't use iMovies. I've tried Animoto and Magisto but both want to automatically edit the video and it's not editing the way I want it edited. I also don't have admin right on my circulation desktops so I can't download Windows Movie Maker. 

So... HELP! What can I use (preferably free) to edit this video?

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  1. I make my videos using my iPad and edit using iMovie. It is the app version, and it isn't free, but it is cheap--under $5. Works GREAT, easy-peasy! Highly recommend. Good luck!!!