Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beginning of the School Year Tired


So tired. 

I slept 12 hours Friday night. 9:30-9:30. 

There's just nothing like beginning of the school year tired!

My legs are tired from running around the campus (we are an outdoor campus that's spread out). Some things had been moved in the library this summer that had to be moved back out. I couldn't just sit there and watch the custodians haul stuff out so I joined in and helped. Except I didn't wear my tennis shoes that day and hauling stuff in flip flops, well, it's not the smartest thing I've ever done. 

My toes hurt from wearing closed toed shoes. Cuz in Texas it's all about those flip flops (gotta keep your feet cool) and my toes aren't used to be cooped up in closed toed shoes. 

But all this tiredness and all the aches and pains tell me one thing.  

My library is ready to receive students!

I dusted yesterday.

Cleaned my tables.

Set up a new poetry display.

Put out all the new books.

Bring on the students!

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