Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm a Mentor

I'm very excited! I'm a mentor this year! 

This is the first time in my education career that I haven't been the newest or the youngest teacher or librarian. 

I've been a mentor teacher to college interns, practicum students & student teachers but never to a fellow coworker. 

I'm looking forward to helping her get things up and running and sharing little tidbits of knowledge. 

I'm still learning though! Like today at our library meeting I found out that I should of been tracking how much money was in my activity fund because the whole school's money goes into one activity fund. So if a secretary leaves and doesn't leave good notes then there's no way to prove how much of that account is the library's. Which ,as it turns out is a problem for me this year since our secretary from last year left. 

So much to teach, so much still to learn.  

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