Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thankful Thursday-Student Reading

The first time one of our second grade classes came to the library a new student told me she couldn't check out books because she didn't know how to read.

I assured her that we'd find her a book that she could either read or at least do a picture walk with.

I started with Margaret Hillert's low level, high interest books.  The student picked two she thought she'd like and checked them out.

The following week she ran into the library to tell me she had READ the books!  And wanted to know if she could get more.  Of course!

For the last 6 weeks she has been reading her way through Hillert's books.


Yesterday her teacher texted me a video of a book, the students arms and her voice reading a book a bit above what the student has been reading.

It.  Made. My. Day.

Between the teacher teaching her heart out and me finding the student books that she could be successful reading and build her confidence, together we helped create a reader.

And that is my Why.

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