Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ladies' Bible Class

Last night I co-taught my second Ladies' Bible Class.  It's always nerve wracking to teach an adult Bible class.  I teach children's Bible class all the time but there's just something about teaching adults.

Last year we started a co-teaching set up.  I really like that because it gave me a back up teacher in case I freaked out.  Ha!  We continued with that set up this year.  I taught with the same lady as last year.

Our theme is "Prayer".  I chose Daniels prayer in Dan. 9: 1-19.  I like choosing people from the Bible who I think I already know because I've taught it to children so many times.  But I find that there's more to the story than what we teach out children.

With Daniel we focused on confession and knowing God.  Daniel was very specific about his sins in his confession.  How often do we just say "please forgive me of my sins" but don't lists those sins? Also Daniel KNEW the God he prayed too.  Do we know God as well as Daniel did?

Here's the link to our lesson in Google Docs in case you're interested in having a look.

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