Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Brandi, Emily and me
I need to change the title of my Wednesday posts to Nearly Wordless Wednesdays. Ha!                                                                                                       For the last 3 years my BFFs and I have gone to a Ladies Bible Retreat called Women of Worthiness (WOW).  There are usually over 300 women in attendance with four guest speakers.  It's an awesome way to rejuvenate the soul.  Not only with the Bible lesson (which are a huge part of that rejuvenating) but being with your best friends for the weekend and also seeing so many christian women in one place and knowing you're not alone in a world that can some times make you feel like you are the only christian around.                                                                                                             If you've never been to something like this I highly recommend it.  It will do your heart and soul good.

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