Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just Like Any Other Monday

Reagan had President's Day off but I did not.  She and Dad got to spend the day together.  Their plans were to spend a little time at his office at the church building and then go to lunch with some people from church.

Normally we eat a quick breakfast together but since they got to sleep in I decided to treat myself to Dunkin' Donuts this morning.  I got their apple smoked chicken link sandwich since it's easy on the waist line.

Once at school the nurse was telling me about needing to print out pictures from the Valentine's Day Dance the school had this weekend.  I found her a coupon online and volunteered to print them for her.  She's not very techy.

When she brought me the memory card I realized it would not fit in any of my computers.  And her camera didn't have a cable to hook to the computer so I couldn't do it for her.

My principal called me shortly after and asked if I'd run to Walgreens and print them for the school. Excited to leave campus for a bit I quickly agreed.

I got the photos printed and since I was out I decide to run by McDonald's for a free coffee.  Every Monday in February McDonald's gives teachers with an ID a free coffee.  It was on my way back to school so why not?!

Back at school I parked in the same spot I always do.  Went inside, signed back in, and headed to clinic to give the nurse the pictures.  While waiting for the nurse to finish up with some students I hear my library phone ring.

It's the secretary.

My car had been hit by the garbage truck.      
The driver said he'd put the breaks on, got out of the truck to move some cones, when the truck started rolling backwards... into my car.

He said at least my car stopped his truck.

That did not amuse me or make me feel better.

The school district police came out to get our info, take pictures of my car and write a report.  She asked me if I parked my car like that.  I clarified "Do you mean in the parking spot or sideways like it is now?  Because I was in the parking spot.  The garbage truck pushed my car out of the parking spot."  I don't know why I find that amusing but I do. I've got to laugh at something here.

I take my car in Wednesday to have them do an estimate for damages.  No one has looked at this but the collision guy and a car friend of mine both say they are going to total it.  With it's age, the high mileage, and the damage being extensive they don't think they'll repair it.

This was the first car I ever drove that I truly like and enjoyed driving.  I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye or buying something new.

What started out as a nice Monday quickly turned south.  But with my OLW being positive this year... at least I wasn't in the car, no one was hurt and we have another truck to drive so we are not without transportation.  It all could of been a lot worse.  This is just a bleep on my radar this week.


  1. Sorry to hear about your car! I am sure once you sit in a new car, with that new car smell you'll fall in love with your second favorite car!
    Sorry your day was crumpled!

  2. ouch! what a Monday. With that said, I love that your OLW is positive---and that it can help see you through this situation!

  3. OMG! That's terrible. Glad you're okay.