Friday, February 26, 2016

Sharing Library Ideas & Practices


A cool thing happened this week! The three tech/librarians in this picture with me came to visit my library. They're from Tyler ISD.  My former principal is now a principal in Tyler. He told them about my library and about the great things happening there and suggested they pay me a visit. 

Here's a little background. Tyler ISD does not have certified librarians anymore. Their instructional technologists run their libraries with a paraprofessional to run circulation. They would like their ITs to have a librarian certification (and some do and others are working on the certification) but don't require it. Nacogdoches ISD has 6 elementary schools, 4 have certified librarians. All the secondary schools have certified librarians. 

They were able to see a lesson with 3rd grade (I'll blog about that lesson on Monday). Then we were able to sit down for about 45 minutes and talk. 

They really liked my lesson and how interactive it was. Sneak peak, I read CDB! By William Stieg. 

We discussed the following topics:

*circulation numbers
*how many books students check out
*reading incentives
*programs (like book and LEGO club, Read It Forward)
*self check out
*librarian meetings
*professional developments for librarians
*what I do about lost books

If was good to share ideas and practices with another district. It leaves me wondering if this is something that could be done on a larger scale with more districts. How much could we learn from each other? Could we convince more or even all districts that they NEED certified librarians?  That we are more than book shelvers. We help with reading scores on so many ways!  We help mold a love of reading. We don't just scan books in and out. 

Moving on... I had to take a selfie before they left. I put the picture on our school's Facebook page and on Twitter. Then our district shared it so more people will see it. So cool!

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