Thursday, February 18, 2016

What a Week!

This has been a week! And it's not even over yet.

Monday started with the garbage truck rolling back into my parked car.  You can read about that here.

Tuesday I get a text from Reagan's school that they haven't received her tuition check that I have electronically drafted automatically every month.  Long story short, the bank put a hold on the check because no one knows where it is and they reissued a new one.  I also have something wrong with my toe.

Tuesday the collision place reported that my car is totaled. Which is sad but a good thing is the guy told me the motor mounts were going out and that's why my car shakes... I thought it shook because it was old.  I had no idea something was wrong with it.  He said it getting rolled into was a blessing in disguise because I'll get more for it than I would of it I tried to sell it or trade it in.

Wednesday I wrote up two 3rd graders for looking at inappropriate things on one of their cell phones. I love how they quickly start swiping at their phone when they see me coming.  Eyes going from phone to me just as quickly has their fingers swipe.  Cuz... that's not making you look guilty.  I looked at the history, looked at one picture and quickly decided to let the principal investigate the rest.

Today is my last work day this week.  I took Friday off because my two besties and I are going to a Ladies' Bible Retreat Friday night and most of Saturday.  I am REALLY looking forward to that... especially after this week.  The librarians are also being honored at our board meeting this evening. I'm looking forward to that.  I had to get a chauffeur, aka a college student from church, to drive me around this evening since Reagan is on a field trip and we aren't exactly sure what time she'll be back so Jay will need to be ready to pick her up when she gets back to school.  I'm bribing my chauffeur with paying for his dinner.  It worked.  The way to a college student's heart is through his stomach! Ha!

So far today has been a good day.  I'm determined to have 4 out of 7 good days this week!

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