Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nerd Award

I saw a friends post on Facebook that her kindergartener won the Nerd Award for Intelligents and Hard Work. 

The Nerd Award. 

Is it just me or is that annoying?

Hard work and being smart makes you a nerd? That's what we are teaching our students?  Really?

I love reading, learning and bettering myself. So am I a nerd?

I don't feel like a nerd. Although I'm not really sure what a nerd is suppose to feel like. 

Why do we do that? Why do we label people with such generalities? Athletic people are are cool but intelligent people are nerds. 

I think it's ridiculous that adults, not just adults but teachers who shape our students little minds, are contributing to such labels. 

Maybe I'm overreacting, analysising it too much. Maybe I just need to get over myself and see the fun in the award. 

But I just can't. 

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