Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lunch With a Vender

My SEBCO vender asked me to go to lunch with her earlier this week. I was excited to eat with her. You know, meet somewhere outside of the school/library walls. 

But then I started thinking "I wonder what we'll talk about. Will we have awkward pauses?"

We, of course, chat when she visits me in the library during the school year but we are surrounded by books and interrupted by students and teachers and admin (really when people, young or old, see new books they just want to stop and flip through them). Plus I'm flipping through the books she's brought me. There's not a lot of time for awkward pauses. 

I do know she brings me my favorite candy, she used to be a librarian, and she lives in the neighbor next to my parents in Houston (so I automatically feel a connection with her). 

I also didn't know protocol for this lunch. Do I pay, does she pay, do I offer to pay?

I pondered these things for nothing!  We chatted the whole time about personal stuff and work stuff. We talked about books we've read. She doesn't know much about Twitter so I just had to talk about how much I love Twitter. It was a great lunch and I'm so glad we got together in a setting outside of school. 

(If you are wondering she did pay and I thanked her twice.)

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