Saturday, June 27, 2015

Modern Houses

My mother-in-law, my daughter, and I went to the Parade of Homes in Tyler a couple of weeks ago.  We LOVE going on the Parade of Homes. 

I love seeing:

The paint choices on the wall
The different floor plans
Homes I will NEVER be able to afford
The furniture (though most of the homes are not furnished)
New fans
The tile work
The different flooring 
The outdoor kitchens
The pools (oh the pools!)
The theatre rooms 

I'm not a jealous/envious person but man, what I wouldn't do for a pool and a theatre room!

My favorite house was this gorgeous modern home. Which I didn't really think I was into modern homes. They are typically too cold for my taste but this one... this one was awesome and bold and not too cold! 

The kitchen cabinets are a bold orange. Some shelves in a reading nook were a bright teal. The laundry/craft room was a funky green that I would never have chosen but instantly loved. 


So I've been thinking about my house. It's traditional with little modern touches. I'd like to change it up. I'd like it to be modern with traditional touches. 

I've been tired of our bedroom for awhile now so I'm thinking of starting there. It's painted a pale purple but I'd like to make it a more bold purple. My comforter and curtains are already black and white but I'd like to find something more modern. 

So the change begins. 

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