Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Health insurance, it's a necessary evil. 

But man! It's so expensive. 

The school district switched insurances last year. Of course the price went up and the quality of insurance went down. 

After talking with several friends who told us we were paying too much for too little coverage and after getting an email telling us what we were going to have to pay even more for insurance next school year and the deductible going up again, I took the plunge and started looking for new coverage. 

We met with a company today. We found coverage that is a bit better than what we have now and SO MUCH CHEAPER. It's crazy! I really wish we had looked into this so much sooner! 

In the last two years my take home pay has reduce considerably even though I technically get paid more a year because of insurance and taxes. Ridiculous. 

I can't do anything about taxes but I can do something about insurance. 

It'll be nice to have a "raise" this school year!

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  1. hmmmm....so, I'd be super interested in hearing more about this company you decided to go with!