Monday, February 9, 2015


I have been in education for nearly 12 years.  10 years as a teacher of the Deaf and I'm completing my second year as a librarian.  I have always loved my job!  Being a teacher of the Deaf was very rewarding.  Being a librarian is fabulous!

I am participating in a challenge, #EduLS, put together by Todd Nesloney.  This week's challenge is to state a reason you love teaching everyday this week using the hashtag #LoveTeaching.

Sunday: I loved my elementary librarian, Kris Dewees.  She is the reason I became a librarian.
Monday: Hearing students excitement over a book they read and loved.

I'm going to wait to post my Tues-Sat reasons because I don't know what might make me love teaching these days.  I have general reasons that I love teaching but this week I'd like to be as specific as possible!

I'm new to this blogging business.  Not new to reading them but new to writing them.  So we shall see where this might take me!

Oh, the places we'll go... Dr. Seuss

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