Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What's Your Favorite Thing About Your Job?

At a recent conference a lady asked "What's your favorite thing about your job?"

This caught me off guard. 

Normally people ask "What do you love about your job?" Which allows for a list of things I love. And I do have a list. 

But asking what my favorite thing is about my job made me feel like I needed to pick one thing. My very favorite thing. 

So after the lady asked me I felt like I sat there like a dork silently thinking about my one favorite thing. I felt awkward. She probably thought nothing of it. Ha!

I finally said "Those 'ah ha' moments." Because really this does encompass a lot of my favorites. 

When a student and I find a book they end up loving. 
When I teach students how to find books in the library and they get it. 
When students help me shelf books and they do it right. 
When I start a club like my Code Club and students excel & thrive in it. 
When a student who hates reading learns to love read with my help. 

The list is long my friends so I'll stop here. 

It's such a simple question "What's your favorite thing about your job?" But it's a question that's stuck with me and made me think frequently about it. And made me blog about it. Ha!

What's your favorite thing about your job?


  1. This is a great list! So many things to love! (Having students shelve books properly is a definite win!)

  2. I really love how you stated the "ah ha" moments because these are what makes the days interesting and like you said something to love about your job.

  3. My favorite thing about teaching is when a struggling kid gets it.

  4. My favorite thing about interning in a kindergarten classroom is the smiles I receive after a struggle that lead to success! I also really like when they love a book so much that it becomes an important aspect in their life.

    Side note: I always feel awkward when I am asked a question on the spot that I have to actually sit and think about as well! LOL!