Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Kids On The Block Concert

I still love NKOTB!  I've been to every concert in Houston since I was in junior high.  I'd post a picture of me in junior high with all my NKOTB gear but... my junior high years were not good to me.  lol

This past Saturday they performed at the Toyota Center in Houston.  And as usual they were awesome!

Boys 2 Men and Paula Abdul opened for them.  I did not enjoy Boys 2 Men.  I know their songs and all but I just didn't like their performance.  They kept asking the audience to sing parts of their songs and all I could think was "They're your songs, sing them yourselves!"  But my friend who loves them really liked their performance.  So they were probably better than what I thought.

I really enjoyed Paula Abdul's performance.  I loved all the animations that was done of the screen behind her. Sometimes it was interactive which was cool.  It made me think of my students in my (Half) Hour of Code club and what a cool job this could be for them.  And then I immediately stopped thinking about school and got back to enjoying the concert.  Ha!

NKOTB, ahhhhhhhh!  They were amazeballs!  I love(d) their songs.  I loved their performance.  I loved their interaction with the audience.  I loved their wardrobe.  Well, except for Donnie's romper.  I mean really.  A romper? Sigh.  Anyway, I just love them!  They sang all their oldie but goodie songs and some of their current songs.

Donnie's my favorite.  All the picture I took were of him. Ha! He sang "Cover Girl."  It's my all time favorite song!  I still know all the words.  I can't remember what I need to do without a to do list but I can remember the words to that song from the 1980s.  Ha!

Before the concert we ate at Pappadeaux in downtown.  I loved sitting upstairs at the restaurant and seeing buildings above us and the people walking down the sidewalk below us.

When we drove into downtown my bestie, Brandi said she was claustrophobic with all the cars and people.  I laughed cuz what makes her claustrophobic is my happy place.  I love the buildings and the cars and the people and the hustle and bustle.  It's totally my happy place.

Saturday was an awesome day.  I spent time with my parents and my granny and her boyfriend.  I spent time with good friends.  I hung out downtown.  And the cherry on top, I got to see New Kids On The Block in concert.

Keep Hangin' Tough!

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