Thursday, May 18, 2017

BOGO Book Fair Week

This week is my BOGO Book Fair.  The adults are so excited about buying one book and getting one for free.  You really can buy a lot of books at a BOGO especially if you buy a series package. I had a precious girl buy two series packages and got 4 books for $10.81.

But boy!

Does the BOGO confuse the little guys.  And by the second day I'm ready to pull my own hair out of my head cuz I can't think of a different way to explain a BOGO.

I hold up fingers and show them if you buy one (one finger goes up) you get the second book for free (hold up second finger).  But if you buy a third book (three fingers up now) you need to find a fourth one cuz it's...  that's right, free!

Still... they don't get it.

So I told them to bring me even number of items and asked what even number are... which lead to blank stares.  I count by 2s.  Me: 2, 4, 6, 8... Students: Who do we appreciate?!?

I totally set myself up for that one.

And still... they bring me odd number of items to purchase.

Bang head on counter.

I tell them to go find something else in XYZ price range cuz... it's a BOGO and it'll be free.

I breath.

And I remind myself I do the BOGO for the students to get books before summer and for the teachers who deserve a discount on books and for me to get some extra Scholastic Dollars.

It's all worth it, I try to tell myself.


The next student who brings me odd number of items to purchase.

Sigh.  9 1/2 more days of school.

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