Friday, December 9, 2016

Five For Friday-Christmas Parties

December is such a busy month for our family.  Jay's birthday is the 1, my mom's is the 23.  Our anniversary is the 18.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  New Year's Eve.  Elderly Saints, College Students from church, Besties Christmas Parties.  Parent Night at my school.  Christmas Program at Reagan's school.

It can get overwhelming.

But thankfully everything IS fun to do.

1.  I love the party with my besties.  It's a no kid party so we're able to let our hair down without being interupted 42 thousand times!

2.  I love seeing all the different decorations at each party/house/program.

3.  The food!  Oh the food! (This is such a hard time to be losing weight!  But I'm down 12.4, 5% of my body weight!)

4.  I have found time to watch cute, heartwarming Christmas movies and read the same kind of books.

5.  Family and friends.

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