Monday, November 2, 2015

School Showcase

Some of the administrators from the district came to our school today. We had the meeting in the library. And of course I had to decorate! With the help of some of the other faculty we made the library shine! 

We served them drinks and muffins before the meeting started. 

And after the meeting we served them lunch. 

During the meeting our principles talked a little at the beginning of the meeting then turned the meeting over to the school admin team and me. 

Each person talked about what they are doing to help improve the school, like student test scores, reading abilities, positives behaviors etc. 

I showcased the library. My heart started beating like mad seconds before it was my turn to talk! I had to take some deep breathes to calm myself. But once I started talking about what I love I was totally in my element! I talked a bit about what a typical library period looks like. I showed my book check out statistics and how they are continuing to go up. I showed how much my Book Fair sales have gone up from the last three years. And I ended with technology in the library as well as me being the communication person for our school. 

I was asked if we had enough books per student. The answer to this question is misleading. The answer is yes we do but, and that's a big but, the age of my collection is very old. So even though we have more books per student than is required they are not necessarily quality or current books. When I explained all this admin said they'd be able to help me in this area. 

It seemed like everyone (district admin & school admin) were very pleased with the way the meeting went. We are making great improvements to our school!


  1. I'm glad you're getting more books! I bet the students get so excited when they start to see more modern books pop up on the shelves!

  2. Books and more books! We never have enough books for our young readers. I've often seen shabby, outdate books, but I've never seen too many new books for the school library.
    Kudus to you for getting your collection updated. And I love the way you handled the hospitality piece for your meeting.