Thursday, March 1, 2018

Books Recommendations

I went to a Librarian Forum last week and as always I learned a lot and came away with some great ideas!

One of the ideas I liked was asking the local coffee shops if we could decorate the coffee cup sleeves with book recommendations.  Then local folks could see our students work/book recommendations.  And for once it's the school doing something for the community instead of the community doing for us.

But honestly... what I actually heard when this idea was put out there was... let's have children put their germ infested hands all over coffee cup sleeves then give them to customers who then get the germs.  Yes, I'm a germaphobe.  lol

I shared this idea with my school's Parent Liaison.  She has all the connections with the businesses in the community and I figured she'd love to help me with this.  Through our discussion about the germs involved in this she came up with the idea of purchasing small display frames.  We can print small sheets of paper with the school logo on it along with a QR code that takes people to my library page.  Students will decorate the sheets to be placed in the display frames.  The coffee shops could even put their logo on the display frame.  It'll sit on their tables for people to look at.

This does so many things!  It puts out in the community the awesome learning happening at our school.  Our students are writing or drawing book recommendations (working on those writing and reading skills).  Students are being creative with their words and/or their drawing.  It's another station/center for me to have in the library on a regular bases.  Students and family members might see their work out in the community and be proud.

I'm so excited about this!


  1. I love this idea! What a great way for kids to feel proud of there work and show others. I love the germ "solution" too not only for the health issue but it will give more exposure because they will not be limited to just one coffee sleeve. They could check out all display frame book recommendations!

  2. What a wonderful idea! We are always looking for ways to interact with our community, and this would be a great way to do that. Way to go!